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Where Is The Cheapest Gas Here in Livermore?

gas prices

Gas prices are starting to go down nationwide, but here in California, prices are still higher than any other state.

Currently, according to AAA, the average national price for a gallon of gas was $4.63 on Wednesday. However, California recorded an average of $6.02 per gallon. This is the third biggest price dop since last week, topped only by Arizona and Texas.

Come on California, let’s lower those prices at the tank.


In Alameda County, the average gas price for gas as of Wednesday is $6.042, just coming in slightly above the state average.

In Livermore, several stations have even fallen below $6 a gallon for regular gas.


We checked out to help find us all the cheapest gas in Livermore. Gas prices may be slightly different at the pump depending on when you go. Click the link above to find the cheapest gas in the area in real time.

Below is a list of where we would recommend filling up the tank:

  1. Costco – $5.59
  2. Springtown Gas- $5.79
  3. Marathon- $5.85
  4. Rotten Robbie- $5.89
  5. Gas & Shop- $5.95
  6. Quickstp- $5.95
  7. 7-Eleven- $5.99
  8. Shell- $5.99

Ways To Save Gas: Adopt good driving habits

  1. Sensible driving: no aggressive driving ( speeding, rapid accelerating, braking) can lower your gas mileage by 33% on highway and 5% around town.
  2. Remove excess weight: avoid keeping unnecessary heavy items in your vehicle. An extra 100 pounds can reduce fuel economy by 1%.
  3. Avoid excess idiling: Idiling can use a quarter to half gallon of gas depending on if AC is on and the engine size. Turn off your engine when parked.
  4. No carrying cargo on roof: a large roof-top cargo box can reduce fuel economy by 2%–8% in city driving, and 10%–25% at Interstate speeds (65 mph–75 mph).
  5. Use cruise control : When on highway use cruise control to maintain speed.

For more tips and tricks from the U.S Energy Department, click here.

Other ways to get around town

  1. Walk and/or ride a bike if possible: Instead of driving downtown, go for a walk and/or a bike ride if the location is close enough to home. In the Livermore heat, make sure you have water with you.
  2. Carpool: Ride with family and friends if you are all headed to the same place.
  3. If you are going out to run errands, try to run all your errands on the same day rather than going out multiple times.

Gas prices are tough for all of us. Try to save at the pump when you can, be smart about when/where/how you are driving and let’s all try to save a few bucks where we can.

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