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With a cannabis culture continuing to grow, so does the the language.

If you have been smoking for a while, I’m sure you have recognized the lingo between smokers, growers, and cannabis enthusiasts. If you are new to smoking, sometimes the lingo can be hard to understand at first.

There are so many words/terms we have all used, some that are new and even a few we have never heard of it.

I mean think about, your parents probably smoked ” grass, dope, ganja”. Before them, their parents, most likely refered to it as “reefer or the devil’s weed”.

Today, almost in the year 2023, we smoke “gas, zaza and loud”. There are tons of other nicknames to describe weed, too.

Below are a few of the most popular nicknames being used in pop culture and cannabis conversation. Thanks to our friends over at Leafly for putting this dictionary together.


  • chronic
  • dank
  • electric lettuce
  • endo
  • exotic
  • fire
  • fuego
  • ganja
  • gas
  • grass
  • herb
  • jazz cabbage
  • kind
  • loud
  • mary jane
  • purps
  • sticky icky
  • tree
  • zaza


  • carpet weed
  • creeper
  • mids (plural)
  • smalls
  • ouid
  • pot


  • bammer
  • boof
  • ditch weed
  • mid (singular)
  • reefer
  • reggie
  • schwag


  • Dime bag — ½ gram or $10 worth
  • Dub sack or g — 1 gram or $20 worth depending on your city and flower quality
  • Eighth or Henry VIII — 3.5 grams or ⅛ ounce
  • Quarter— 7 grams or ¼ ounce
  • Zip or OZ (“oh-zee”) — 1 ounce or 28 grams
  • Lid — The story of the lid seems to be the amount you could fit on a lid from a specific type of tobacco tin, but the actual amount seems to vary. Many claim it to be an ounce, but most describe it as “four fingers worth” in a time when scales weren’t that common.


  • Banger — a type of nail for dabbing
  • Batty — a one-hitter
  • Bingers — bong loads
  • Doink — a big joint
  • Dogwalker — a short joint; the short amount of time to smoke is supposed to be the same amount as taking a dog for a walk
  • Pearl — perfectly rolled joint or blunt
  • Persy or snap — personal bowl or bowl for one person
  • Pinner — a skinny joint that is thin like a sewing pin
  • Rip—the action of taking a deep inhale from a bong or vape
  • Roach — the butt of a joint or a blunt (looks like a cockroach)
  • Salad bowl — a bowl with a mix of different strains
  • Spliff — a joint with tobacco

Just a friendly reminder, when passing a joint, be sure not to Bogart it aka hold onto it too long. Always remember to puff, puff, pass.


  • Crossfaded — the state of being under the influence of alcohol and weed 
  • Plug — someone you can get weed from that does not work at a dispensary 
  • Re-up — to refill one’s personal weed stash

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