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Thanksgiving Is a Time For Stoners

Kiva x Cann Collab

Thanksgiving is the holiday for stoners and you can’t change our mind.

Family and friends. A full blown feast. Good drinks. Weed as a pregame or even a hors d’houvre.

Or, add it to the actual menu for a holiday meal you won’t forget.

Which way is your favorite? Do you smoke with your family at Thanksgiving?

new recipe This year

Thankfully, last week Kiva Confections announced the highly anticipated return of their best selling cannabis-infused turkey gravy.

If your family is still deciding who is bringing what this year, make sure you sign up for bringing the gravy.

Instead of using Grandma’s famous turkey gravy, you can quickly whip up a new recipe in the kitchen this year.

Kiva has 10mg THC per serving single-serve packets available. Add the package to one cup of water in a saucepan, bringing it to a boil, and stirring occasionally. 

Nothing says Thanksgiving like gravy and mashed potatoes.

Kiva x Cann Collaboration

Last week, Kiva Confections also announced their collaboration with well-known brand, Cann to get us in the holiday spirit this year.

“The Better Way to Holidaze Bundle” is $34 online and includes both the Kiva Gravy and Cann’s Cranberry Sage cannabis infused social tonic.

The tonic has all-natural ingredients, only 35 calories per can, and 2mg THC paired with 4mg CBD. This allows you to control and build on your buzz. With a typical onset of 10-15 minutes, we recommend starting with one and going from there.

“Sweet and a touch savory, this winter seasonal flavor was crafted to give you the warm and fuzzies all winter long,” the brand said of its Cranberry Sage tonic. 

“Fast-acting edibles technology is an exciting industry innovation because it has the potential to change the way people use edibles, breaking down the barriers to entry,” Kiva Co-Founder and CEO Scott Palmer said of the launch in 2019. “What better way to start than with America’s favorite Thanksgiving dressing?” 

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for more cannabis infused recipes coming up.

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