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Sploofs 101: How to Reduce Smell


Cannabis has one drawback we all can think of — it’s not very subtle. The aroma may linger in one room, carry into another, and/or a quick smoke sesh in the car or at the park may quickly give you away.

Thankfully, inventive smokers have designed some sleek solutions: the sploof.

Thanks to Leafly for the detailed information below.

What is a sploof?

The sploof is a classic stoner device used for weed odor reduction that you can make out of common household items, or splurge on a high-tech design.

The sploof is a handheld smoke filter that separates particulate matter from exhaled smoke, reducing the pungency of its smell and keeping you discreet.

Why use a sploof?

Sploofs are not 100% smell-proof, but they will help reduce the dank stank of your cannabis.

Whether or not cannabis is legal where you live, the stigma of weed odor persists, and public consumption often isn’t allowed even in adult-use states. Even if you’re OK with the smell of weed, you likely have to contend with roommates, parents, neighbors, or others who might take issue with the skunky scent of smoking cannabis.

To maintain a low profile and respect those who don’t like the smell of cannabis, or if you simply don’t want your own place to reek of weed, try using a sploof next time.

How well do sploofs work?

The efficacy of your sploof will depend on how you make it and/or what type you buy.

An electronic sploof made by a cannabis accessory company will always work bette than a homemade sploof made from a toilet paper roll and a dryer sheet.

However, even a DIY sploof will drastically reduce the smell of weed in the air.   

How to use a sploof

Whether you make your own or buy a pre-made sploof, the process remains the same. After you take a hit of weed, simply blow the smoke into one end of the device and the sploof will scrub the smoke as it goes through.

How long does a sploof last?

The lifespan of a sploof varies.

If you’ve made one out of a toilet roll and dryer sheets, don’t expect more than a handful of uses. Many automated sploofs have filters that can last hundreds of draws before they need to be changed/replaced.

DIY Sploof At Home

Need a sploof fast ??

All you need to create your own DIY sploof is:

  • Finished toilet paper roll
  • 6 dryer sheets
  • 2 rubber bands

To make the sploof:

  1. Stuff the toilet paper roll with four dryer sheets
  2. Cover one end with two more dryer sheets
  3. Secure the dryer sheets snuggly over the end with rubber bands

There you have it, a sploof that is quick and easy to make and doesn’t cost a ton of money.

How to make a sploof without dryer sheets

If you’re not a fan of dryer sheets or don’t have them lying around, you can easily adapt your sploof-making. Keep in mind, this may not work as well as using dryer sheets. You’ll need:

  • Finished toilet paper roll
  • 1-2 paper towels
  • Air freshener or fragrance
  • 2 rubber bands
  1. Spray the paper towels with air freshener/fragrance
  2. Stuff the toilet paper roll with part of the paper towel
  3. Cover one end with the rest of the paper towel. Make sure it smells like your intended fragrance.
  4. Secure the paper towels snuggly over the end with rubber bands
Sploofs You Can Buy

Here are some sploofs you can buy online or in a store:

  • Smokebuddy – $20-30
  • Eco Four Twenty – $30 US; $35 CAD, Replacement filters: $15 US; $21 CAD (pack of 2)
  • Sploofy – $22 US; $25 CAD, Replacement filters: $30 US; $38 CAD (pack of 3)


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