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Ready to Try Micro Dosing?

micro dose

What is Micro Dosing?

Microdosing psychedelics is the practice of consuming very low, sub-hallucinogenic doses of a psychedelic substance, such as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) or psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

According to media reports, microdosing has grown in popularity, yet the scientific literature contains minimal research on this practice. There has been limited reporting on adverse events associated with microdosing, and the experiences of microdosers in community samples have not been categorized.

Reasons to Try:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Mental Health in general
  • Chronic Pain
  • Maintain a “functional high”
  • Boost your attention/focus
  • and more!

How Should Micro Dosing Feel? What Is The Proper Dosage?

Many users are confused about the purpose of micro-dosing. The goal of micro-dosing is NOT to get completely obliterated. Micro dosing is taking much less of a substance than needed to be “high.” Micro dosing offers users other benefits that come along with the high. 

Some of these benefits may include an increase in productivity and mood-boosting properties and may even aid in fighting depression over a period of time.

What To Expect:

Users should expect to feel many benefits of functional mushrooms and a very mild buzz. Many people microdose at work when they have demanding projects, as it can boost productivity.

In regards to proper dosing, there is no black-and-white answer. Everyone is different, and all have different tolerances and thresholds. Keep in mind that the point isn’t to get high but to still experience all the effects of getting high. These gummies contain HHC, so the suggested dosage is 1-2 gummies total, and adjust from there!

Currently Available On Our Menu

Currently available on our Pg Organix menu:

Diamond Shruumz Microdose Gummies

Diamond Shruumz Microdose Gummies are the gummy version of their delicious mushroom chocolates! Users can expect to feel the effects of micro-dosing, improve their overall health, and do this all in a tasty way!

Each resealable bag holds 15 bite-size gummies and is available in 3 different flavor options. Every gummy is a proprietary blend of HHC, Lion’s mane, Reishi, Chaga mushrooms, and all-natural flavoring.


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