NASHA Rainbow Beltz Live Rosin Vape 1g


NASHA Rainbow Beltz Live Rosin Vape 1g



77% THC Hybrid

Rainbow Beltz, also known as “Rainbow Belt,” is an indica marijuana strain made from by crossing Moonbow with Zkittlez. The effects of Rainbow Belts are mostly calming. This strain offers a euphoric high that leaves you feeling happy and relaxed. The flavor and aroma of this strain may remind you of sweet and fruity candy. Cultivated by Emerald Queen Farms, where cannabis is produced, the way it should be. Cultivated in the sun, with clean water, organic fertilizer, in native soil. The Emerald Queen sits atop her throne behind the veils of the Redwood Curtain, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle Kingdom. Live rosin is a potent, amber-colored substance that is distinct from other extracts, such as shatter and wax. It is a solventless concentrate, meaning it is extracted without the use of chemical solvents found in other forms of cannabis concentrates. This makes for the best smoothest oil on the market.

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