BINKSE Burmese Squeeze 3.5g


BINKSE Burmese Squeeze 3.5g


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We take pride in carefully selecting our strains so we can deliver the best flavor profile possible. We are driven to make the best-tasting and highest quality cannabis products, which is why each jar contains 3.5g of the highest quality flower. All of our jars are packed with large buds grown with our award-winning genetics. All of our eighths come in airtight child resistant mason jars for maximum freshness, within a beautifully branded binske box. Burmese Squeeze is a hybrid strain crossing Cherry Pie and Burmese Thai. This strain is a perfect combination of cerebral euphoria and a sense of calmness. It’s a perfect strain to spark your creativity, on a chill Sunday afternoon, ending the day with a feeling of deep relaxation. The flavor pairs perfectly with the high, with notes of spicey diesel, fruit, and earthy undertones. These dense buds are tinted with purple, orange, and pink; topped with frosty, crystal white trichomes. Burmese Squeeze is the epitome of bliss.

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