All prices on our menu include taxes! We are doing price breaks on flower that comes in 8th quantities! $20 off 4 8ths (half ounces) and $40 off 8 8ths (full ounce).

FLORACAL Super Jack 3.5g
HENRY’S ORIGINAL Grape Ape Smalls 3.5g
KINGS GARDEN Cherry Cheesecake 3.5g
KINGS GARDEN Purple Mamba 3.5g
NUG Rare Dankness 3.5g
PACIFIC STONE 805 Glue 3.5g
PACIFIC STONE Fruit Bubblegum 14g
PACIFIC STONE Mac 1 – 3.5g
PACIFIC STONE Pound Cake 3.5g
SEVEN LEAVES Columbian Haze 3.5g
STONE ROAD UK Cheese 3.5g
UNION ELECTRIC Kush Crasher 3.5g
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