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Looking to add a little something extra to your smoking experience? Look no futher, infused pre-rolls are a great place to start.

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Basically, they are going to raise the potency and intensify the high you feel.

Before you buy, here is what you should know about infused pre-rolls.


Infused pre-rolls are joints combined with various types of concentrates added to the flower itself and/or the paper used to roll or pack them. Concentrates have a higher concentration of cannabis compounds and are a quickly gaining popularity amongst avid cannabis consumers.

The goal was to create a product for consumers with higher tolerances Therefore, the more you smoke, the more your body becomes use to cannabis compounds and creates a tolerance to them. By using concentrates, cannabis users receive a more intense experience that can help them break through a potential tolerance plateau.


The main reasons people smoke infused pre-rolls is pretty simple (WeedMaps).

  • Potency — Infused joints get you much higher than regular joints. Concentrates have higher percentages of cannabinoids and terpenes than regular flower — it’s some extra oomph for people who consume cannabis frequently and with higher tolerances. The potency can be a bit much for a new cannabis smoker, so it’s best to approach lightly if you haven’t tried an infused pre-roll before.
  • Flavor — Adding concentrates to flower is a great way to modify or enhance the joint’s flavor. For that, you need a concentrate that is high in terpenes, like the live resin mentioned above.
  • Longer smoke time — Infused joints definitely burn longer than non-infused joints. Sometimes so long that it will make people straight up walk away from the session. It’s still more of a benefit than a disadvantage.

There is a variety of concentrates that are used to make infused pre-rolls.

Most common include resin, rosin, distillate, diamond, kief and to the flower itself.


We’ve talked about Live Resin on the blog before. If you missed our previous blog post, click here to learn more in depth.

Resin is a solvent-based concentrate that is made through the usual extraction process. The main difference is that the starting point is fresh frozen plants versus dried and cured plants. After harvest, immediately freezing flower helps lock in those terpenes and overall results in a flavorful extract.

Live resin is an excellent way to boost both potency and flavor with infused pre-rolls. 


Rosin is a solventless chemical made from pressing trichomes with heat and pressure. It is similar to live resin as they both start with fresh frozen plants verus dried and cured plants.


Distillate is a cannabis concentrate that has distilled the compounds within a plant’s trichomes down to one specific cannabinoid, which is typically THC.

Companies will often infuse the flower inside of their joints with distillate to increase the THC potency.

However, distillate is flavorless whwich means companies will also use terpene additives in their formula to boost the joint’s flavor. This tends to make the joints taste strongly like a specific flavor.


In cannabis, “diamonds” are the THCA diamonds that form in terp sauce, and they can be extracted into an isolated crystalline form.

They contain up to 99.9% THCA, the chemical precursor to THC. THCA converts to THC through the application of heat.

99.9% THCA diamonds have no taste as well as no odor but have an extremely high potency that adds value for infused pre-rolls. Diamonds will not enhance the flavor experience so it is important to combine with fire flower that is bursting with terps.

You may also see joints infused with THCA diamonds plus live resin.


Kief is the pile of weed dust found at the bottom of your grinder. It contains high amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes and is often used to coat the outside of many infused pre-rolls.

If you are wanting to make your own infused pre-rolls, kief is the easiest way.


Flower can be infused in different ways.

Manufacturers can bring the flower and oil together through a chemical infusion, spray THC oil on the flower, and some even paint concentrates on top of the joint of paper.

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If you are looking to enhance your next smoke sesh, we recommend it. Of course, you will not know how infused pre-rolls affect you until you try them. We suggest starting slow and going from there.

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