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Lost Farms Cannabis-Infused Gummies


Have you tried Lost Farms cannabis-infused gummies? We currently have them on our menu! Order now and try them today.

Lost Farms are strain-specific, plant-based and contain 10mg of THC in edible gummies and chews. They are infused with 100% live resin and solventless live rosin for a distinctively full spectrum, true-to-the-plant-high.

About Lost Farms

“Chews and gummies are two highly popular ways of consuming cannabis, and Kiva Confections is proud to offer both via its Lost Farm brand. The name of this brand is derived from the search for seemingly unattainable, mythical things such as the Fountain of Youth or the Kingdom of Atlantis. Lost Farm represents more of a belief or conviction than a physical location. Accordingly, the logo for Lost Farm is a compass, which reflects the idea of exploration, which is a key aspect of the cannabis consumption experience”.

Currently on our Menu


The Story of Kiva


In 2010, a young cannabis-loving couple set out on a mission to create a better edible experience for legal consumers. Scott Palmer and Kristi Palmer were inspired by a visit to a local chocolatier and soon started crafting the first Kiva Bars in their home kitchen. They didn’t realize it at the time, but they weren’t just creating a premium edible product, they were setting the gold standard for the entire legal cannabis industry.


In the last decade, {our} customers’ support has turned {our} family-owned business into the #1 edibles brand in the country. Today, {we} are proud to employ 400+ passionate people, and have added Terra, Petra, Camino, and Lost Farm to our happy family of premium cannabis products.


Cannabis consumers deserve to know exactly what they’re ingesting, which is why Kiva was one of the first edible makers in the country to self-impose stringent standards for potency, production, packaging and testing. {We} believe that the principles of consistency, efficacy, and food safety are fundamental to creating a high-quality edible that you can always feel confident sharing with friends and family.


{Our} commitment to the highest standards in ingredients remains unparalleled throughout our line of products. This includes using locally-grown cannabis, sustainably-sourced cacao, and all-natural flavors and ingredients for a range of artisanal products that are as effective as they are enjoyable.


Consistent, controlled dosing is at the core of each Kiva product. Which is why every bite, bar, gummy, mint, and chew contains precise, buildable doses of THC, so you can always find your sweet spot.

Dedication to Sustainability

At Kiva, {we} care about the plant, the planet, and all of its people – both now and in the future. Taking responsibility for the impact that packaging waste can have on the environment, in 2021 {our} team dedicated itself to releasing updated packaging for our Kiva Bars, Camino Gummies, and Terra Bites to deliver more sustainable and environmentally-friendly products to our consumers.

{Our} child-resistant Kiva Bar carton is 100% biodegradable, using a biodegradable film to make the box tear-
resistant, instead of the non-recyclable/non-biodegradable laminations that most cannabis companies typically use.

{Our} child-resistant Terra and Camino tins are all metal and fully recyclable, a huge improvement to our previous tins, which used non-recyclable plastic inserts.

At Kiva, {we} believe that it’s up to each of {us} to make changes both big and small in order to create a viable future for us all.

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We are available for delivery Monday-Saturday, 11:00 AM – 6:45 PM. Get your order in now! Enjoy.

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