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Let’s Make a Watermelon Bong

watermelon bong

You ready to sweeten up your next smoke session ? Come and make a watermelon bong with us.

For generations, smokers have always transformed fruits and other edible arrangments into cannabis paraphernalia. One of the most iconic fruits that is commonly used to smoke cannabis is an apple. An apple offers a quick fix to smokers who happen to be without a pipe and/or rolling papers.

This time, do something different. Thanks to WeedMaps for the fun idea.

Watermelon Bong

It’s summertime, the weather is warming up, why not enjoy some cannabis and a little watermelon?

Materials Needed
  • Watermelon 
  • Whole medium or large carrot (medium to large in size)
  • Knife
  • Screwdriver or power drill

Give yourself about 20 to 25 minutes to construct this watermelon bong. Side note: If you’re using a screwdriver instead of a power drill, this may require additional time. 

While you may not plan on eating this combination of produce, we recommend you still use a kitchen and/or another spacious area where you can work with watermelon juice and carrot flesh.

A cutting board may come in handy when it’s time to get a little messy.

Step 1 — Make Three Holes

Place your watermelon on a cutting board or clean area and make three holes:

  • a mouthpiece near the top of the watermelon
  • the carb on the side of the watermelon,
  • and another hole opposite the mouthpiece (which is where the carrot will eventually be mounted)
Step 2 — Make an Air Pocket

Using the screwdriver or power drill, break up the watermelon flesh to make an air pocket at the top of the melon.

After draining the juice from the watermelon, insert the tip of the tool to break up the bottom flesh of the watermelon, create an air pocket and small puddle that will act as “bong water” to filter the smoke.

Step 3 — Make a Bowl in the Carrot

Make a hole on the side carrot that will act as a bowl for the cannabis flower. Then drill a hole through the top of the carrot  until it meets the bowl where the flower will be packed. 

Step 4 — Stick Carrot into Watermelon

Stick the carrot into the watermelon.

You may have to gently twist the carrot back and forth to ensure that it fits snugly into the watermelon and remains in place during the smoke session.

Step 5 — Enjoy 

Pack some PassinGrass flower into the carrot bowl and while holding a flame to the cannabis, take a hit from the mouthpiece of the watermelon.



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