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Is The Cannabis Industry A Career For You?


Did you know the cannabis industry now supports around 500,000 jobs? On top of that, the cannabis industry also racked up $25 billion in sales during the 2021 calendar year. With weed being a multifaceted industry, there are many employment opportunities. There are positions available in the cultivation, business, sales and more.

Ten to fifteen years ago, working in and/or for a dispensary did not look the same as it does today. It is so wild to think about how far the cannabis industry has come.

“I think the biggest change we’ve seen in the cannabis job market is just the maturing of different roles,” said Kelsea Appelbaum from Vangst, a cannabis industry hiring platform. “Five years ago, when I got into the industry, a lot of the jobs were really straightforward and lacked a lot of depth.” Applebaum continued, “What I mean by that is that people didn’t understand the intricacies of cannabis. They assumed that a really generic approach to hiring was important. For example, a cultivator was just a cultivator. Companies didn’t appreciate the skillset and the intricacies and the passion that actually go into being a strong cultivator. Now, I think companies actually know what they’re looking for” (Weed Maps).

Recently, Weed Maps created the ultimate guide to cannabis jobs that is full of information. If you are considering starting a career in the cannabis industry, here are a few position opportunities to think about.

Entry- level roles

If you are wanting to get your foot in the door and see if the industry is truly for you, consider a entry-level position first (Weed Maps):

  • Cultivation Technician: aka ” trimmer” are responsible for hand- trimming the flower in a timely manner. A cultivation tech has great attention to detail and able to focus for hours at a time.
  • Quality Manager: this position is designed to focus on and ensure quality of production. As a Quality Manager, you might be overseeing product, product releases, product recalls, product returns, product labeling and environmental testing. A quality manager is flexible, organized and focused on detail.
  • Edibles Specialist: oversees the kitchen and maintains high standards for product development, formulation, dosing, finished product, and cleanliness. An edibles specialist is clean, consistent, organized and has great time management.
  • Sales Representative: focuses on selling a the company’s products and/ or services. This position will often have you in front of consumers and working a booth at dispensaries. A sales rep has strong communication skills, knowledge of product and persistence.
  • Packager: responsible for packagingcannabis into pre-weighed containers and pre-rolled joints. A packager is focused, consistent and detailed focused.
  • Delivery Driver: A driver delivers cannabis products from a licensed retailer or dispensary straight to the consumers. A driver is a safe driver, has excellent customer service and navigation skills.

Higher-level roles

If you already have experience in the industry or have worked in similar positions, consider these options below (Weed Maps):

  • VP in Retail Operations: VP is the lead position of retail operations. A VP is responsible for leading the stores teams as well as making sure the store is upholding policies and procedures. A VP is a leader, can manage a team, and has great communication skills.
  • Director of Cultivation: oversees the operations of all things cultivation. This ranges from facilities to the teams, and establishes standard operating procedures to meet production goals. A Director of Cultivation has skills in management and knowledge of cultivation systems and regulations.
  • Sales Director: develops the company’s sales strategy. A Sales Director has skills in leadership, teaching/mentoring, and strategic thinking.
  • Lab Manager: focuses on all post-harvest processess such as the chemical analysis for harvest timing, processing, and creating extraction operating procedures. A Lab Manager has knowledge in protocols and regulations.

In the end

The cannabis industry continues to grow each and every day. If you are considering a career in the industry, these positions listed above are a great place to start. There is a role for everyone’s skill set with opportunities to learn and grow. Search for cannabis jobs local in your area and see what is available for you. Good luck!

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