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Help Save The Animals


Sad news coming out of Livermore but there is a glimpse of hope.

There are about  50 chihuahuas who  are looking for adoption and a new home after Livermore PD rescued them from “filthy” conditions.

Thank you, Livermore PD

The Livermore Police Department stated they were made aware that more than 50 chihuahuas were living in hazardous conditions at a private home located in north Livermore.

Unfortunately, many of these chihuahuas were reportedly found in crates with no food or water. LPD’s Animal Services Officer Kathy Holmes, Community Service Specialist Joanna Johnson, and Pleasanton Police Department’s Animal Services Officer Frankie Ayers found that the owner was hoarding the dogs and unable to care for them.

Thankfully, all of the dogs were then transported to East County Animal Shelter and are being properly cared for.

LPD’s Animal Services Officer also submitted a complaint to the District Attorney’s Office, and the incident is under investigation.

“In December, the Pleasanton Police Department said it was “sharp increase” in the number of abandoned in Pleasanton. That included multiple guinea pigs found overnight in a dumpster. In California, animal abandonment and neglect are both classified as misdemeanors. Animal cruelty can be upgraded to a felony, depending on the severity of the case” (Patch).

Adopt & Rescue

Adopt, rescue, donate and change a life of a furry friend!

As of last Friday, fifteen dogs were available for adoption at Oakland Animal Services, 12 dogs were available for adoption at Dublin SPCA, 10 were available at Valley Humane Society, and 12 were available at East County Animal Shelter.

These numbers may have changed since then.

Anyone interested in adoption or helping the shelters financially can contact the shelters directly:

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