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Go Watch “Cannabis Buyers CLub” Featured at Tribeca Film Festival

cannabis buyers club

If you are looking for weekend plans, we got you covered. Grab some cannabis from us and turn on the Tribeca Film Festival.

Dennis Peron. Does that name sound familiar to you? Yes, great news, I’m sure you already know where we are heading with this. No the name does not ring a bell, don’t worry, I’m about to tell you about the cannabis activist who is making headlines.

The life of Dennis Peron

The life of Dennis Peron is being chronicled as a movement to legalize weed in the US in a new film called , Cannabis Buyers Club at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.  The story follows Peron who is a known pot dealer, cannabis reform leader and queer rights activist.

“Cannabis Buyers Club chronicles the most important unknown LGBTQ+ rights struggle of the 20th century,” reads a synopsis of the film shared by the Tribeca Film Festival. “When a new disease ravages his community and the government doesn’t care, renegade pot dealer Dennis Peron leads a movement to help, heal, and fight back. Peron, a gay Vietnam vet, builds a pot empire in the middle of the war on drugs and fights politicians and police to save his friends. The definitive story of marijuana legalization in America” wrote High Times.

Cannabis Buyers Club

Peron wanted to make a difference in the cannabis world. He wanted to see good postive change and see legalization happen here in the United States of America. Peron suffered a stroke back in 2010 causing it to be difficult for him to speak. Even through his health declining, Peron shared his life story with the filmmakers behind Cannabis Buyers Club in the last interviews. Sadly, Peron passed away in 2018. This is such a great way to honor Dennis Peron and all his activism work for cannabis.

The Tribeca Film Festival is hosting virtual access to watch the documentary in the comfort of your own home. The festival started on June 8 and closes on Sunday, June 19. If you have time this weekend, it’s definitely something you should check out.

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