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Check Out Henry’s Original Today!

Henry's Original

We recently added some new Henry’s Original products to our PassinGrass Delivery menu! If you have not tried their products already, now is the perfect time.

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Our country was founded by a few brave men and women who sought freedom above all else. Fast forward two hundred years later to the cannabis revolution, and another band of rebels was chasing freedom in a different way.

In the 60s and 70s, hundreds of freedom seekers flocked to the Emerald Triangle to pursue a life closer to nature. A life of simplicity and harmony with their environment that reflected their beliefs. {We} know them as the Originals. Henry is a representation of these pioneers who took {us} under their wing, inspired {us} deeply and continue to be the muse for everything {we} do today.


{We’re} farmers descended from farmers who know the land and know {our} crop. {We} came of age in the heartland of cannabis heritage—wild, rugged Mendocino County, where the air is crisp and nature abounds in all her raw, jagged glory.

Through decades of experience, {we’ve} learned how cannabis was meant to be grown, and that’s how {we} grow it. Nothing more, nothing less.


Henry’s Original is proud to cultivate cannabis in small batches, using sustainable and organically based methods to grow premium, clean green certified flower on seven proprietary farms in Mendocino County.  

Clean Green Certified is a program based on existing national and international agricultural standards, to certify cannabis that is cultivated using sustainable, natural and organic practices. Henry’s Original is one of only a few cultivators to earn this certification in California, due to the rigorous requirements and testing standards.


We’re born and bred Californians who believe that our friends, and neighbors should have access to the highest-quality cannabis should they want or need it.  

{We} also deeply believe that all ships rise together and take great pride in partnering with the extended Mendocino County farming community to support and grow their businesses alongside {our} own.  


{Our} hearts, {our} souls and {our} lungs breathe Mendocino County. {We} are forever grateful to the Originals, the community, the sun and the land that allow {us} to bring the best cannabis under the sun direct to you.

Henry’s Orginal Products on Our Menu


To shop our current PassinGrass menu, click here. If you have any questions and/or are in need of a recommendation, just ask. We would love to help you find what you are looking for.

We are available for delivery Monday-Saturday, 11:00 AM – 6:45 PM. Get your order in now! Enjoy.

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