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Catalyst Cannabis Co. Election Sucess


With cannabis being on the election ballot this recent 2022 election, we have all be awaiting the results.

Here is a quick update for Southern California. It is always a good day when we see victories taking place. No matter how big or small.

Thanks to Beard Bro Pharms for sharing this Press Release.

Press Release.

” With the objective of expanding cannabis retail access and its #WeedForThePeople Movement, Catalyst Cannabis Co., “Catalyst” backed, supported, and ran campaigns for 12 local cannabis ballot measures in Southern California during the 2022 election cycle.

With the Orange County Registrar’s Certification of Election results on December 2nd and the Los Angeles County Registrar’s Certification of Election results on December 5th, Catalyst is happy to announce the following election victories:

-Measure C in Los Angeles County passed with 60.18% of the vote

-Measure BA in Cudahy passed with 54.04% of the vote

-Measure CB in Baldwin Park passed with 51.33% of the vote

-Measure CM in South El Monte passed with 53.61% of the vote

-Measure CT in Claremont passed with 60.96% of the vote

-Measure TR in Lynwood passed with 66.92% of the vote

-Measure HMP in Santa Monica passed with 66.23% of the vote

-Measure O in Huntington Beach passed with 54.67% of the vote

Measure BA, Measure CB, Measure CM, Measure CT, and Measure TR were all endorsed by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party because of the Measures’ expansion of cannabis retail access, potential for the creation of Union jobs, and advancement of cannabis social equity policy. Those endorsements and these elections results prove that #WeedForThePeople and #CatalystForChange are movements that the People want.

With the passing of these Measures in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Catalyst now desires to work with these local governments to (1) bring Union job opportunities that start at above minimum wage with benefits and create a pathway for professional growth, (2) to make expungement clinics and public cannabis education workshops accessible, and (3) to ensure community beautification projects, food drives, music and arts programs, and other nonprofit efforts have a direct impact on the surrounding community and industry. Catalyst will also continue to partner with programs such as Weed for Warriors to offer SB-34 cannabis giveaways for Veterans.

Catalyst owns and/or operates 14 retail cannabis dispensaries throughout California. Catalyst sets the standard for a customer-focused dispensary experience by providing superior customer service that is coupled with #FireWeedFirePrices. Catalyst is more than just a retail company. Rather, Catalyst is a community driven company where second chances can win and hope lives. #CatalystForChange breaks stigmas and proves doing the right thing, the neighborly thing, is what matters most” (Beard Bro Pharms).

Amber Tovar
Catalyst Cannabis Co.

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