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Cannabis at CA State Fair

ca state fair

Every summer, The California State Fair is held at Cal Expo in Sacramento. The State Fair is a 17-day event that focuses on California’s industries, agriculture and diversity of people.

This year, there was something new in town. Cannabis.

That’s right, cannabis had it’s very own exhbit this year. Another great step in the right direction for the cannabis industry here in California.

“A Great Step Towards Normalcy”

For the first time ever, cannabis had it’s very own exhibit and it was quite the main attraction to guests. The California Cannabis Exhibit and Cannabis Awards was presented by Kolas.

The CA Cannabis Exhibit is a walk-through space where guests can learn about the cannabis plant, celebrate the farmers and get and idea of where the cannabis industry is headed.

” For cannabis to have an exhibit at the California State Fair is a great step towards normalcy” (KCRA).

In order for State Fair guests to explore the exhibit, they had to show proof they were 21 years of age and/or older. The sale of cannabis and consumption was prohibited.


Did you know that 86% of new consumers do not know how to use cannabis? Event vendor Vanessa Oliver says “It is our job as educators to teach them” (KRCA).

Many guests made it known they do not partake in using cannabis but were , “‘canna-curious”.

Thankfully, the informative exhibit and excited vendors were able to provide newbies the facts about usage and products to help them understand better. By going the extra mile, this allows the cannabis industry to build fluency across the board. Guests were walking away with knowledge and hopefully a new perspective surrounding cannabis.

This is another great reason as to why cannabis deserves a exhibit at the California State Fair this year.

More About The Exhibit:

In case you missed it in person, here is a little recap of what was taking place within the California Cannabis Exhibit. For more information, click here.

For now, here is a quick glance at what you missed:

Learn about the Plant

Upon entry, guests were greeted by black and white portraits of California cannabis farmers and a beautiful glowing grow chamber full of living hemp plants from a Sonoma County farm. Large graphic were displayed to educate about the biology of the plant, humans’ relationship to cannabis as well as a timeline covering 150 years of important milestones in California cannabis history.

Celebrate our Farmers

“The inaugural CA State Fair Cannabis Awards is a historic moment for California’s cannabis industry. The centerpiece showcases our award-winning farmers whose agricultural craft was on display throughout all 17-days of the Fair” (KRCA).

Over 300 entries were evaluated for this year’s science-based competition. A total of 60 trophies and medals were awarded. Guests were given the opportunity to learn about “each award-winning cultivar, meet the farmers, and deepen their understanding of how genetics, cultivation techniques, harvest, and cure come together to earn a Golden Bear trophy and the coveted title of “Best of California”” (KRCA).

Talk of the town

A marketplace of cannabis and hemp themed booths featured California’s leading brands, retailers, and farmers. This was a great way for guests to talk to vendors and learn more about their products.

Final Thoughts

Let’s hope that next summer of 2023, cannabis will be welcomed back to the CA State Fair again and we can all put it on our calendars.

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