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California Famous: The Emerald Triangle

the emerald triangle

Justin Bieber said, “I get my weed from California” and let’s face it. He was probably referring to Northern California weed. The Emerald Triangle weed.

The Emerald Triangle produces the most cannabis in the United States and is a tri-county area located in Northern California.

Behind the Name

The Emerald Triangle covers 3 counties in Northwestern California:

  • Humboldt County
  • Mendocino County
  • Trinity County

Together, the trio produces more cannabis than any other place in the United States. On top of that, the region also produces some of the highest-quality cannabis in the world. It is safe to say that The Emerald Triangle is the unofficial “Capital of Cannabis”

The Emerald Triangle is prime location due to the wide open spaces to the rolling hills and open spaces.

Fun Facts You May Not Know

Did you know The Emerald Triangle was a TV series? The region also is known for Murder Mountain. If you have not seen either of these, we recommend watching them. Check out Netflix or Youtube.

The region also created a new vocabulary to describe local lore (Weed Maps):

Croptober is the local nickname for the month of October when the season’s harvest is in full force.

Trimmigrants arrive in Croptober from outside the region to assist with the harvest and prepare the cannabis for shipment.

Cannabis cultivators have bred many unique cannabis strains in the Emerald Triangle, such as Desert Diesel by Humboldt Seeds and Black Water by the Cali Connection.

Weed trees are a phenomenon in the fertile Emerald Triangle where some marijuana plants soar to heights of more than 15 feet.

Is It Safe To Visit?

Unfortunately, the weed isn’t all that Humbolt County is known for. High crime rates are a known thing as well.

The numbers speak for themselves and Humboldt has California’s second-highest homicide rate, as reported in a 2018 article in The Mercury News (Weed Maps).

While some note the crime rate to be improving, Humboldt may have a long way to go to shake the reputation that earned it a spotlight on Murder Mountain.

It goes without saying, there is no reason to go and visit.

The Future of the emerald triangle

It is no secret that between the right climate and cultural conditions, the cannabis production is thriving within The Emerald Triangle. How lucky are we to have good weed in California?

There are no signs of stopping or slowing down. Cannabis interest continues to grow and there is so much potential for medical and therapeutic benefits.

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