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“Breaking Bad” Comes to Pleasanton

breaking bad mezcal

“Breaking Bad” actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are coming to Pleasanton, California. No, they won’t be bringing their famous “Blue Sky” with them. Thankfully, ” Dos Hombres”, their new brand of mezcal is a distilled alcohol beverage made from agave and fully legal.

On June 1, 2022 the duo will be bringing multiple cases of their new mezcal and will be signing bottles from 9-10 am at Gene’s Fine Food located 2803 Hopyard Road.

“It’s super cool for a small town like Pleasanton to have recognition like that – especially here at Gene’s, we really appreciate that,” Conor Gomes, a shift supervisor at the gourmet food and liquor store that has been located on Hopyard Road since 1971.” Gene’s was selected by the brand as one of the stops along their nationwide tour, Assistant Manager Meghan Puckett told Patch (Patch). Did you know that Gene’s Fine Foods has had other famous celebrities come to visit? Back in September 2021 actors Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley who are known for their roles as the Salvatore Brothers in “Vampire Diaries,” also went to Gene’s to sign bottles of their bourbon brand, Brother’s Bond Bourbon.

The two actors, who quickly became world-wide sensations in their roles as a chemistry teacher and his former student who establish a crystal meth empire, started the actual mezcal empire in 2019. Paul, who played the good-hearted ne’er-do-well former student Jesse Pinkman, was a longtime fan of the relatively obscure drink, according to an Orlando Weekly profile. Cranston, who played mild-mannered teacher turned ruthless overlord Walter White, meanwhile, considered it “carpet cleaner,” and noted he used to actually clean carpets with it (Patch).

When the duo was together at a mezcal bar in New York City, Cranston found a brand he liked. The two agreed to travel to Oaxaca, Mexico and sample more. In the small village of San Luis del Rio, they met a third generation Mezcal maker Gregorio Velasco, and formed a partnership. Cranston and Paul always knew they wanted to get back “together” in some form. “We thought it was too soon for sharing the screen again, but I asked, what if we got into a different sort of business? What about booze? And he thought I was doing a bit,” Cranston told a small media group, as reported by Inside Hook (Patch).

Kind of funny how that partnership worked out in real life too? If you are free on Wednesday, June 1st from 9-10 am, Gene’s Fine Foods in Pleasanton is the place to be.

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