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All You Need To Know About THC-H

thc h

There’s another new cannabinoid in town. Say hello to THC-H aka tetrahydrocannabihexol, a hexyl homolog of THC.

Just recently, THC-H was discovered from the hemp plant and is quickly gaining popularity within the cannabis industry.

THC-H is the second most potent cannabinoid in the hemp plant. THC-H has a strength thought to be 25 times stronger than regular THC. Yes, you read that right. 25 times stronger.

Here is all you need to know about the new, THC-H.

What is THC-H?

THC-H is a hexyl homolog of Delta 9 THC. Therefore, “the molecules between the two cannabinoids are identical but are arranged uniquely to have distinctive properties from one another. However, there are also many properties in common—mainly that tetrahydrocannabihexol can get you high, which is, of course, the biggest part of its appeal” ( High Times).

The Research Behind It

Tetrahydrocannabihexol was just recently discovered in 2020.

Fun fact, it was actually discovered by the same team of cannabis researchers in Italy who discovered THC-P aka tetrahydrocannabiphorol in 2019 .

This new cannabinoid has been analyzed to some extent, but like all studies, more time is needed for clinical studies to take place. There is some information available regarding the properties of THC-H, mainly in the chemical sense, which can be found here

Should I Use It?

In terms of anecdotal evidence, Binoid has around 200 reviews of THC-H .

So far, it has been beneficial for users who have pain, sleep insomnia, and anxiety.

It is worth noting , many users describe the high and experience as being “one of a kind, and enjoyable as an all around great experience” (High Times).

A Sense of Euphoria

With THC-H, users can expect a deeply profound sense of euphoria accompanied by a relaxing sensation in the body and mind.

“In fact, this cannabinoid seems to have a particular reputation for its body high, which people say is out of this world. Another interesting thing to note is that people say that THC-H’s high lasts longer than what we commonly expect from psychoactive cannabinoids—perhaps twice as long, according to users who have had it” (High Times).

If you are interested in trying, THC-H is most popular in vape, tincture and gummy form.

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